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With your support vulnerable children and young people will have access to opportunities that they wouldn’t have otherwise. Opportunities to participate in sport, music and cultural activities, to get needed tutoring or therapy, and to fulfil their potential by being able to travel to events such as state competition. Opportunities that all children and young people deserve.

Many families in our community are under financial strain trying to pay basic housing costs and living expenses, leaving no extra money for children and young people’s activities.

Your donation will make a difference and help families with returning to school this year, and making plans to start new activities. Help create new opportunities for children and young people to be the best they can be.

Whatever you can contribute is greatly appreciated and every dollar we receive goes directly to our Creating Opportunities Fund.

Making your donation is easy with our secure online giving service.

All donations to The Family Centre of $2 or more are tax deductible.

The Creating Opportunity Fund was established in 2007. Since then over $65,000 has been distributed to more than 300 families who were participating in our programs. It assists with the cost of school uniforms, school excursions, remedial tutoring, musical tuition and instruments, books, computer equipment, sports club fees and uniforms, travel and accommodation to events.

How your donation makes a difference

Abbey loves to dance but until now has never had the opportunity to attend dance classes. Thanks to the support from COF, Abbey has been enrolled in weekly hip hop classes until the end of the year. Abbey’s dance dreams wouldn’t have been possible without the support our wonderful volunteer Anne who drives Abbey to and from dance lessons each evening.

She will be dancing in her first public performance at the end of year concert with a little extra support from COF to buy her costumes.


Deizel lives with severe Dyslexia and is having problems with behaviour at school. It was suggested that Deizel attend equine therapy sessions supported by COF.

The horses used in the equine therapy have had past trauma inflicted by humans and participants in the therapy are given an understanding of each horses background.  By assisting in retraining the horses and gaining their trust and respect, Deizel is finding incredible accomplishment, and learning skills for self-leadership through developing confidence, self esteem, boundaries, trust, respect, responsibility and building relationships.

Deizel’s mum has said that the equine therapy is showing her son’s gentle caring nature.


Lily is 8 years old and is on the Autism Spectrum and lives with high anxiety. She is stressed by unexpected noise, crowds, being close to others and changes to routine.

Lily’s mum and the Child and Family Worker agreed that yoga and mediation may help ease some of the symptoms.

  • Studies have shown that yoga has positive results for children on the autism spectrum such as:
  • Increased strength, improved balance, coordination and flexibility
  • Increased communication skills and self confidence
  • Body awareness and self-regulation
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Increased concentration and focus.
  • Lily is really enjoying the yoga classes and is excited to attend them each week.
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