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Relationship Courses

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Anger and Emotional Intelligence

Anger and Emotional Intelligence is a one-day course for women and men that explores; the five components of emotional intelligence, feelings and how to tune into and understand them as well as learning strategies for emotional regulation. Through information sessions, practical exercises, group discussions and brainstorming we will also focus on anger in order to learn about triggers, understanding what is happening in the brain and practice some strategies that may assist to soothe us when anger arises.

Being a Better Man

Meet with other men facing similar issues in a welcoming environment and learn skills to assist you with change processes, decide what works for you now and what to change or let go, build on the strengths you already have in your relationships and develop new skills, mindfulness and relaxation techniques to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Assertive Communication for Women

Assertive Communication for Women is a six-week workshop that explores: your feelings and needs and why they matter when we are trying to communicate effectively, the importance of body language, tone and listening in our communication with others. Finally, we will look at: how to clarify and address incidents respectfully, assertive communication techniques and setting and maintaining boundaries.

Self Esteem to Empower Women

The Self Esteem to Empower Women is a one-day course that assists you to understand: self esteem and what influences it, unhelpful thinking and how to challenge our negative thinking/self-talk and exploring boundaries in our relationships. Through information sessions, practical exercises and group discussions we will also explore how self-care can influence our self-esteem and self-worth.

Creating Better Relationships

Creating Better Relationships explores how relationships may be influenced by the intersection of natural biological processes in bonding and attachment, underlying beliefs and values as well as cultural and community expectations. The one-day workshop will reflect on how we communicate and provide you with the skills to create positive and constructive ways of communicating to build positive relationships. Through information sessions, practical exercises, group discussions and brainstorming we will explore: strategies to open up dialogue with others that can lead to positive outcomes, how to communicate what you feel and need and managing emotions during difficult conversations.

Confidence in Challenging Conversations

Confidence in Challenging Conversations will introduce you to skills that can open up productive and meaningful conversations with your partner, family, friends and work colleagues. Through information sessions, practical exercises, group discussions and brainstorming we will explore the difficult conversations we find ourselves in and how to handle them rather than avoid them. The course will look at conflict to demonstrate that it does not need to be viewed as a negative and can be approached as an opportunity to exchange of ideas when we are able to stay calm and focused.

New Steps for Stepfamilies

Your facilitators are experienced in stepfamily challenges and rewards, and will kick off a discussion about the most important things for the parents to keep in mind to successfully manage & support their families. Discuss the joys & challenges of your stepfamily with other parents and learn new strategies and tools to to work together as a couple and as parents to better support your children.

Support for New Dads

Being a new Dad is an awesome challenge: you are raising the next generation, and you’ll want to do the best you can. The first 1000 days are the most important time in your child’s life! They say it takes a village to raise a child, so if you are struggling by yourself or as a couple, well, that’s hardly surprising. Online education and support group. Just one hour a week. New tools, tricks and tips, and ways forward during the hard times. How your child is changing over the first 1000 days. Keeping the couple bond strong. Staying sane (even if exhausted). Balancing baby time, work time, partner time, me time. Connect with other new Dads.

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