It Takes a Town

It Takes a Town​

It Takes a Town is a community-owned initiative operating in Murwillumbah and surrounding villages. We are here to activate a shared focus on creating more opportunities and ‘good stuff’ for children and their families. We believe that everyone has a role to play.

We’ve set a bold goal to create a culture where sharing, generosity and responsiveness to each other, is the norm. When everyone is contributing according to their abilities, resources and skills, our community becomes a richer and more connected place for us all. 

 In the next few years, we are interested in strengthening opportunities and support for families with children aged 0 to 6. We know that during this age, each day and every experience matters. We want to helpeveryone in the 2484 postcode area realise how significant the first 2000 days of life is, and share the responsibility for how well local children are growing up.

We are inviting all residents, businesses, clubs, churches, services and pre-schools, to join us in exploring how we can collectively strengthen outcomes for local children and their families.

If you are based in Murwillumbah or surrounding villages and would like to get involved, please contact Carmen on 0438 140 589.