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Making Change Achievable

Life and relationships can get difficult for all of us at times. The Family Centre’s services are for children, young people, and families, and anyone in a family relationship.

We encourage and inspire people to make the changes they want for themselves, their family and their community.

During difficult times, we can assist with accurate information and referral to the services you may need. Help you to set goals and make plans to achieve them, develop life and relationship skills and the knowledge you need to resolve individual, family and community concerns. No matter how big or small your problems may be, you can talk with us.

We work together with our community to design activities that enhance parenting skills, improve relationships, and increase safety, wellbeing and personal effectiveness. Our activities also increase and strengthen family and community connections.


We’re a diverse and inclusive organisation driven by our values and practice principles that focus on building individual and community capability to develop solutions to social problems. Everyone has the ability to make a positive contribution to their community.

In genuine partnership with community members and groups, non-government organisations, government agencies and businesses, we make a real difference and our actions lead to progressive, measurable and sustainable social change.

The Family Centre is a local social purpose, community owned organisation established in 1988 and based on the North Coast of NSW.

* A social purpose organisation operates with the primary aim of achieving measurable social impact. Community owned organisations are those that are owned and controlled through representative processes that allow a community to influence their operation or use and enjoy the benefits.

Our Vision

Children are Happy and Safe

Our homes and communities are safe and nurturing places where children can learn and grow. They feel securely connected to family, community, and culture, and have opportunities to explore and create.

Young People are Capable & Resilient

Our community understands young people and supports them to make informed decisions as they transition to independence. They have hope for the future and opportunities to make positive contributions to their community

Relationships are Caring & Respectful

Our community is aware of the importance and value of our relationships. We have the skills and knowledge to create and sustain healthy relationships. 

Our Community is Strong & Vibrant

We work together to actively contribute to the vitality and well-being of our community. We create connection and belonging for all

Practice Principles

Wellbeing of Children & Young People

We prioritise the rights, needs and wellbeing of children and young people.

Ecological Approach

We consider the interaction of the personal, social, cultural, economic and policy contexts that impact on individuals and families.

Evidence & Experience

Our practice is evidence-informed and inclusive of the wisdom of both the people we work with and our team. We carefully measure our performance to improve practice.


We build and maintain respectful, trusting and caring relationships.

Participation & Contribution

We create opportunities for individuals and families to be actively involved in decisions that affect their lives. We encourage people to participate in community life and to contribute to the wellbeing of others.

Collective Impact

We use a structured and inclusive approach that brings the community together to focus on a common agenda to address complex social problems.

Strengths & Solutions

Our work encourages people and communities to build on their strengths and focus on solutions.


We reflect on our practice to improve the quality and impact of our work.

Our Values

Social Justice

  • Working for a just and equitable society
  • Promoting participation, contribution and belonging
  • Acknowledging human dignity and rights


  • Responding without judgement
  • Embracing diversity
  • Acknowledging strengths and capabilities


  • Maintaining relationships based on trust
  • Taking responsibility for our actions
  • Honesty and genuineness


  • Creating opportunities for reflection and leadership
  • Exploring ways to improve
  • Being resourceful


  • Co-designing solutions
  • Commitment to working together
  • Creating change through strong relationships


  • Working in flexible and diverse ways
  • Making a difference differently
  • Adapt and thrive

Theory of Change

Theory of change is a description of why a particular way of working will be effective in improving quality of life conditions in a defined geographical area.

Our theory of change is informed by, and interrelated with our organisational social impact logic, program logics, strategic plan, practice framework, cultural elements, quality and evaluation frameworks. It’s a narrative describing how we understand the social issues our community faces, the evidence informed approaches that are most effective in achieving change and how we, and our community partners, intend to deliver effective social impact.

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