How to Have Better Conversations with Your Partner, and Just About Anyone Else

RELATIONSHIP ARTICLE FROM THE GOTTMAN INSTITUTE Do you want to create a richer connection with your partner? To have those conversations that are intimate and meaningful? Are you shutting down opportunities for a deeper relationship with someone you love by the way you talk with them? Wait, I’m sorry. Let me try those questions again. How do you connect better with people? Recount a time when you had a meaningful [...]

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Meet our newest co-locator & community partner DAISI

The introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a huge shift in the way people with a disability interact and relate to service providers. They now have control of their funds and can make informed choices about the services they purchase. However, as with any new policy or initiative, the complex change process can be confusing and difficult. DAISI provides independent information and advice to people with a [...]

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Ready Set – Let’s Head to Camp!

School camp is a fantastic opportunity for children to develop new skills, friendships, interests and experiences. However, many children don’t have the opportunity to attend school camp, as their families are unable to afford for them to go. The Family Centre has been working with a family who has a 10 year-old child. The child was very upset when they found out their class was attending camp at Mount Tambourine [...]

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Commonwealth Bank Making a Difference

Since 1917 Commonwealth Bank employees have been supporting their local communities through one of Australia’s largest and longest running employee giving programs – Always Giving. The Kingscliff Branch of the Commonwealth Bank has nominated The Family Centre to be the recipient of a $10,000 grant this year. The grant will make a difference to our local area and will be used to deliver the Respectful Relationships Program in local high schools. [...]

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Getting Ready for Work Program

Surf Dive n Ski are jumping on board with the ‘Ready to Work Program’ as part of their Youth Projects initiative. The Ready for Work Program offers young people participating in programs at The Family Centre the opportunity to work alongside experienced leaders in the Surf Dive n Ski team. The 3-week program will see selected young people learn new skills, develop an understanding of how the business works and [...]

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