Relationship Consultations

Relationship Services

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Relationship Consultations

What are Relationship Consultations?

Relationship Consultations work alongside individuals to assist in managing relationship issues with partners, ex-partners and children. Consultations support participants to enhance their relationships through learning more about themselves and the needs of their partners and families.

Who is it for?

Adult men and women who live in the Tweed, Bryon, Ballina Shires and lower Gold Coast region.

How do we support men & women and their families?

Relationship Consultations provide individual support for men and women through conversations that help participants to clarify and better understand relationship challenges. We assist you in identifying your goals and developing pathways for making change possible.  Relationship Consultations identify additional support options available at The Family Centre, and can assist with accessing other community support services.

There is no cost for consultations.

When and Where?

Relationship Services workers can meet with participants at our centres in Twed Heads, Tweed Heads South, Murwillumbah, Ballina or at other agreed locations.