Core Features

CORIS Features


CORIS core modules are focussed on the sector work you do together with your service participants, partners and community. User friendly tools for intake, case work, courses, groups, events, and community work. Tools that bring together live data in reports on participant demographics, outcomes, staff and program performance. Produce timely and efficient reporting to funders, particularly those that use the Australian Government Data Exchange. Tools that enable web-based stakeholder engagement and smooth communication via your contacts preferred channels.

Core Features

Collect customised information about individuals, organisations and groups which meets your data collection requirements. CORIS is relationship based, so you can easily see the relationships between your stakeholders.

Manage information, advice and referral activities, community centre/hub activities, inquiries and intake across your service and provide tools to managers for oversight of case and other work allocation. 

CORIS includes basic case work workflows for:

  • NSW DCJ funded programs – Targeted Early Intervention, Specialist Homelessness Service, Intensive Family Preservation
  • Aust Govt DSS funded Children and Parenting Services – FaRS, CaPS, and CfC

These can be configured for your organisation and other case work workflows can be customised. 

Keep track of participants registering for and attending any event, group, training or session-based course or program – parenting programs, playgroups, relationships courses, courses and groups for children and young people, and behaviour change programs. 

Send out information, assessments, reminders, certificates to participants via the CORIS web portal. 

Collect enrolments via intake processes or the web portal. 

DEX SCORE outcomes measurement is built into case work and course work processes for relevant program areas. 

CORIS also includes:

  • Home Visiting Assessment
  • Suicide Prevention Assessment
  • Recording of Child Protection reports and DVSAT reports
  • Strengths and Stressors assessment for Intensive Family Preservation program
  • Kessler 10
  • Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire for 11–21 year-olds
  • Other assessment tools can be customised

Including home page, basic forms, enquiry forms, course sign up, and online portal for participants.

Via individual and group sms, individual and group email management.

Manage your programs across multiple complex funding sources and arrangements. 

Generate reports and dashboards across all areas of your service to provide up to the minute information including customisable enquiry, intake, and case work reports for individual or teams, course/event/activity attendance reporting. Reports can be viewed by funding program, team, or individual.


DevApp have developed a DSS Reporting Software that enables organisations to report from their CRM system to the Department of Social Services DEX platform.

Generate error-free bulk DEX upload files and accompanying Excel reports to easily meet your internal and external reporting requirements. Security and privacy are a first line priority, and with bulk uploads, no personal information need be sent to DEX.

The CORIS system was developed to meet DEX reporting requirements and is integrated with the DEX Reporter, which is available for a low monthly licence fee.

With the DevApp DEX Reporter (  your organisation will always be up to date with the latest DEX reporting.

Additional Features

Additional functions and features (discuss your needs with us and quotes can be provided)

Stakeholder & communications management

  • Mailings – message templates; groups & tags set up; mail chimp management,
  • SMS – CORIS membership SMS service provider deal
  • Mobile App
  • Contributions – Fees for events/courses; Donations
  • Memberships
  • Volunteer management and project integration

Other features

  • Specialised case types
  • Grants/brokerage
  • Full website build
  • Additional reports
  • Advanced analytics


Documentation specific to CORIS is available via a Wiki maintained by The Family Centre which contains training resources and knowledge sharing sections. CiviCRM documentation is freely available on the web and is an extensive knowledge base to draw on to further support your understanding and capabilities in making CORIS work for your organisation.