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Child & Family Services

What are Child & Family Services?

Our Child and Family Services aim to strengthen family relationships, increase the safety and wellbeing of children and young people.

Who is it for?

To be eligible for our service you need to be a Tweed, Byron or Ballina Shire resident and a member of a family with a dependent child or young person aged 0-12 years. There is no cost for this service.

How do we support families?

Families are offered an initial assessment interview, where support workers assist family members to identify their strengths and needs in relation to presenting family issues.

We assist families to develop goals that indicate how they would like things to be in their family. Once goals are determined we negotiate a support plan with the family, outlining how we can assist them to achieve their goals.

The support plan guides and provides a focus for our work with families. This includes: counselling, enhancing parenting and relationship skills, providing information about services and helping you access those services.

When and Where?

Child & Family workers can meet with families and family members at our Centres in Tweed Heads, Tweed Heads South, Murwillumbah, Byron and Ballina, in your home or at other agreed locations.

Parenting Courses

Bringing Up Great Kids

Bringing Up Great Kids (BUGK) focuses on building positive and nurturing relationships between parents/caregivers and their children. The program aims to support parents to review and enhance their patterns of communication with their children, to promote more respectful interactions and encourage the development of children’s positive self-identity. 4 x 2 hour sessions.

Circle of Security Parenting

Circle of Security® Parenting™ program is based on decades of research about how secure parent-child relationships can be supported and strengthened. It is a relationship based early intervention program designed to enhance attachment security between parents and children aged 0-12 years old. Having a secure relationship with your children is about learning from mistakes rather than striving to get it right. Circle of Security Parenting gives parents and caregivers the roadmap to creating a relationship that will benefit their child for their whole life. 7 x 2-hour sessions. 

Anxiety Coach

Anxiety Coach is a child development course that aims to support you parents and caregivers take a preventative role in the development of anxiety problems and support children to develop skills to reduce anxiety. It is what we call a ‘parent-led’ approach, meaning that you take on the role of the coach in your child’s life, and are able to guide them through difficult emotions when they arise. It is recommended for parents/carers with children aged 4-12 years. 3 x 2.5 hour sessions.

123 Magic and Emotion Coaching

123 Magic & Emotion Coaching is a parenting program developed to assist parents to respond to your children’s behaviour and help you feel more confident in your parenting approach. The course explores the emotions and in particular how to help children identify and manage emotions to encourage positive behaviours and build emotional resilience. For parents/carers with children aged from 2–12 years. 3 x 2 hour sessions.

What you are saying...

‘Deb has been wonderful. She had really good resources that I’ve been able to use with my grandchildren. She was non-judgmental of me which really helped as I find socialising sometimes difficult. It was a relief to know that she wasn’t judging me, she never made me feel judged. Everything she said to me was validating what I was going through and it keeps on encouraging me’ 

– Participant Child and Family Services

‘Karlee she was fantastic very helpful. She always had something helpful and useful to say and do to help me with my relationship with my daughter’ 

Participant Child and Family Services

‘Rose was very helpful. There was a lot to go through. I really liked the way she helped me organise things and get into a routine. She helped me get in touch with legal aid and other stuff I found difficult’ 

Participant Child and Family Services

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