What is CORIS


Connect with your community, collect data efficiently, reflect on performance. 

CORIS is a web-based CRM designed specifically for community sector organisations that increases the capability of community organisations to manage workflows, monitor performance and report internally and externally.

  • Manage all external relationship information in one place including client, service partner, supporter, subscriber and more
  • Manage all client interactions from first contact to case work, courses, events, trainings and other community activities
  • Utilise online registration for intake, courses or events
  • Communicate via sms, individual and group mailings, and via online website portals
  • Generate a range of reports for monitoring and managing programs
  • Make reporting to funding providers more time efficient and simpler for staff by entering data once only in CORIS and uploading with the integrated DEX Reporter
  • Keep your data safe and secure


CORIS is a CRM designed by service delivery staff so it’s easy to use and enhances accountability across the organisation.

CORIS has significantly improved performance and increased the social impact of community organisations using it.

CORIS increases your capability to manage workflows, monitor performance and report to your board, funders, corporate and community partners, service users, volunteers, staff and b the community.

Open Source Platform

CORIS is a unique and secure CRM built on and powered by CiviCRM open source software, created for community use by the international non-profit community. It is the perfect platform for non-profits focussed on contributing social value. 

CiviCRM has a unique and diverse international community centred around ongoing development, use, and documentation of the software. The core team releases hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of development upgrades free to the community every year.

Being open source there are no ongoing license costs or user fees associated with using the software itself. The costs involved with adopting CORIS for your organisation are associated with installationsupport and the ongoing development of CORIS.


This latest version of CORIS has been developed by The Family Centre in partnership with DevApp.

The Family Centre is a community service organisation that has honed our software design and development skills and experience over the last fifteen years. Deciding it was time to take CORIS online and bring it up to date with a range of new features we commenced building CORIS 2.0 in 2019. The Family Centre partnered with DevApp to combine expertise with a tech company with similar values.

We have successfully built maintained and used CORIS software for our own organisation and shared with other community organisations including:

Family Support Network (Lismore, NSW), Central Coast Family Support Service (NSW), The Northern Centre (Ryde, NSW), Men’s Outreach Service Aboriginal Corporation (Broome, WA)

DevApp builds, hosts and supports innovative web-based software through collaboration and leadership specialising in open source software including CiviCRM and WordPress.

The Family Centre’s side of the partnership is community owned, whilst DevApp is a company focussed on working with purpose driven organisations in a social enterprise-commercial partnership.

Read more about The Family Centre and DevApp